Pro jQuery Plugins eBook

jQuery Plugin Development done the right way.

What is this eBook about?

Disclaimer: This eBook was published in 2013. It's very outdated but people still find a lot of value in it.

This is the only eBook at the moment that deals specifically with plugin development (for intermediate and advanced developers), which is such an important part of the jQuery library, and teaches how to properly work with it. It is not meant for beginners in JavaScript nor jQuery. This book also presents best-use practices for jQuery and JavaScript as part of the teachings around the plugins.

Pro jQuery Plugins teaches you how to use and build jQuery plugins the right way. It has some plugin examples for different use-cases, that vary in complexity and functionality.

Why jQuery?

Nowadays jQuery is ubiquitous in web apps and websites. While this is great, its flexibility has also meant that a lot of developers do not write jQuery in the most appropriate or optimized ways, meaning the best experience possible is not always being presented. This book will teach you how to get the best out of jQuery plugins and build them the right way. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Why some JavaScript and jQuery methods and methodologies are better to use than others
  • How to appropriately and correctly build optimized and future-proof jQuery plugins
  • What third-party plugins you can use and why you should

Pro jQuery Plugins is a must-have book if you already know your way around jQuery and have advanced knowledge of JavaScript. It takes you through the process of building jQuery plugins in a better way, and analyzes the core of JavaScript and jQuery, explaining why some methods and methodologies are better to use than others. Using great examples and use cases, Pro jQuery Plugins is the essential resource for all your jQuery plugin needs.

It has insights on:

  • How to build a jQuery plugin, properly
  • When to build a jQuery plugin
  • Core Concepts about JavaScript Optimizations
  • Core Concepts about jQuery Optimizations

Who this book is for

Pro jQuery Plugins is for the mid to senior-level front-end developer who already knows and works with jQuery and JavaScript, but wants to build better plugins. It is not intended for beginners to jQuery or JavaScript, and will assume good knowledge of these. If you like to make re-usable code and love jQuery, this book is definitely for you.

  • Chapter 1: The Essentials of jQuery Plugins
  • Chapter 2: A Simple Input Validation Plugin
  • Chapter 3: A Simple Tooltip Plugin
  • Chapter 4: A Simple Lightbox Plugin
  • Chapter 5: A Very Complete Slider Plugin – Part I
  • Chapter 6: A Very Complete Slider Plugin – Part II
  • Chapter 7: A Timeline Plugin – Part I
  • Chapter 8: A Timeline Plugin – Part II
  • Chapter 9: Extending Functionality
  • Chapter 10: Useful Repeating Plugins

For the Developers, not the novel readers

This book has a lot of code. Many explanations about methods and what certain lines of code mean are in the code samples themselves. All the code is available in a public GitHub repository, and it will stay up-to-date.

The author hates redundancies and filler text, so you can expect a book to-the-point, and with code. Lots of code.

Make no mistake, you are expected to code yourself, to obtain a better experience.

About the Author

Bruno Bernardino is a professional full-stack Web Developer since 2004. He has done everything from building companies, teams, growing businesses, devops, and web apps and websites.

You can learn more about him at and contact him directly about Pro jQuery Plugins there.